As Far As We Got / So Far, So Good

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Rachel Pursglove

My work investigates the perception of reality within a given context, exploring the theme of immersion in the form of installation.

I am interested in the idea that we are trapped in a continuous state of immersion, not able to escape to the reality of the everyday. According to Jean Baudrillard we are living in hyperreal existence, unable to separate the false from the true. Through our imaginations we are able to interact with reality, but only through preconceived thoughts and ideas that continually blur the boundaries between reality and fiction.

My aim is to create artworks that invite the viewer to explore and discover an alternate world, triggering a deep mental engagement from the viewer through an interaction with their imaginations. I am interested in the viewer’s experience, and how art has the potential to transform one’s perception of time, space and reality. I want the viewer to indulge in their senses, dive into their imaginations and believe in the possibilities.

I am interested in the idea of escapism; imaginary worlds and places, creating scenes and suggested narratives for the audience to get lost within. Through collage I experiment with unconventional materials in an intuitive way, to create something unexpected, provoking the viewer to question their perception of reality.

These works are a selection of smaller works taken from a larger installation, combining 3D collage, found objects and mixed media to present the idea of immersion.

I aim to provoke a curiosity to what could be behind a closed door, hidden inside a box, or inside a draw. I want to present the potential possibilities of the everyday, and the idea that each opening or hatch could be an entrance to another world.

I see the scenarios I create as encounters within the everyday, waiting for the viewer to stumble across and discover hidden portholes of the imagination.